120 Mix Color - bicolor strip

120 Mix Color - bicolor strip 22.06.2012


Two-color LED strip 120 Mix Color is a flexible printed circuit board, performed with a high-tech method. PCB is mounted with high power LEDs of white and warm white color spectrum. The back side is covered with double-sided 3M adhesive tape with which the strip is attached to the surface.


The application range of this strip is very wide. It can be used for manufacturing all kinds of lighting fixtures, fixed lighting, illumination of residential and office space. It is a good choice for decorative lighting, as well as for the tuning of the light vehicle.


120 Mix Color is a godsend for designers. With the help of it designers can quickly and easily solve their tasks on the coverage of a particular design element. Due to its flexibility and compactness the strip can be easily installed in remote places and on complex shape constructions. Moreover, two-tone allows the opportunity to select the color temperature on mood.


As it was mentioned above, the feature of this strip is two-tone. It is realized due to white and warm white color LEDs. Moreover, the LEDs of each color are set in alternating order and have separate conductive paths. Therefore, it is possible to connect each channel individually in order to give the desired color of necessity or both channels simultaneously, obtaining mixed color. The tape can also be used in conjunction with the controller lighting effects (strobe, fading, flash) or dimmer (decrease / increase brightness).


RGB KIT - mounting set

RGB KIT - mounting set

The mounting set RGB KIT will allow you to install LED lighting at your home, office or holiday cottage.